About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the foundation that empowers all towards a successful fitness journey. We exist to provide a fantastic warm-up experience every time & to immediately make the legs feel lighter and stronger for any workout after using our Haflete fitness equipment. Train at a high level to compete at a higher level. 

Haflete LLC is an American company that designs and manufactures fitness equipment, Haflete Odyssey. Haflete produces and distributes footwear, knee brace, and resistance cables.

Our Story

Roobens ran track & field during his junior and senior years at Deerfield Beach High School in Deerfield Beach, FL. He mainly ran the middle-distance events such as the 800 meters, 1-mile, and 4x 800 meters. After high school in 2011, he was determined to be a walk-on track athlete for Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU). He started attending FAMU in the Spring of 2013 and hoped to make the track team for the next three years. However, he did not come to realize that dream. Roobens failed to run the qualifying recruiting standard time for the 800m & and the 400m all three years.

Fueled by past failures of not making the FAMU track team and nagging knee injuries, he was highly motivated to find other ways to impact the running community. After graduating with his bachelor’s in 2016, Mr. Louis started to write down different product ideas in his journal. Later in 2017, Roobens took a long break from all running activities to find the mental passion he had for running before he started competing in high school. One night in December of 2018, Roobens identified the proof of concept for the Haflete Odyssey by cutting a pair of his favorite shoe, the Reebok Zig Tech, and placing a piece of paper in front of the shoes; he used an old pair of knee sleeves and hair scrunchies as the resistance cables.