Introducing- Haflete Odyssey™

call me "Haflete"

Perform dynamic warm up drills for instant speed, power, agility, and mobility during your workouts


Multi-Purpose Fitness Equipment

Feels strange at first but normal after a few sets

Feel loose and strong before your workouts

Feel the difference in your performance

Stronger RUNNING




instant RESULTS

The Future of leg day

How Does Haflete work?

Maintain position on your forefoot/midfoot with resistance tension

Attach the Haflete footwear to your own shoe, secure the knee brace to protect the knee, and connect the resistance cables to the Haflete footwear & knee brace. The heel is kept off the ground by 1 inch- Immediately activating the calf muscle.

Dynamic Warm Up Drills

Complete about 7 to 15 minutes of drills with recovery between each set.


Beginner: 7 Minutes

Intermediate: 11 minutes

Advanced: 15 minutes


Drills and Exercises

Some highlighted drills & exercises: 

A-skip, Jog, Karaoke, High-knees, Butt-kicks, B-skip, Straight-leg bound, and C-skip.

Lighter and stronger legs

Feel the direct impact on your feet, ankles, and calf muscle. 


Haflete Product Photos

Haflete Footwear + Haflete Knee Brace + 20lbs Resistance Cables
Haflete Footwear + Haflete Knee Brace + 30lbs Resistance Cables
Haflete Footwear + Haflete Knee Brace + 20lbs & 30lbs Resistance Cables

Pictures of Athletes Using Haflete

Haflete Odyssey U.S. Patent Issued: 11291877